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An insider´s view of G.H.Q. review by Professor Gary Sheffield

‘Gary Sheffield has established himself as one of the foremost authorities on the British Army of the First World War’ Professor Saul David, University of Buckingham ‘Gary Sheffield is one of Britain’s foremost historians of the First World War – insightful, original, and superbly informed’ Sir Max Hastings, military historian AN INSIDER’S VIEW OF GHQ- Review by Professor Gary Sheffield G.H.Q. (Montreuil-sur-Mer) by SIR FRANK FOX London: Beaumont Fox, 2015 216pp., hardback, many illustrations, foldout chart, ,ISBN 978-0-9928901-2-4 G.H.Q., first […]

The RUSI Journal review essay including G.H.Q.

Excerpt from THE SOMME A CONTEST OF ENDURANCE, Review Essay by Jack Spence: So much for context. Two of the authors under review — Frank Fox and Taylor Downing — provide specialised treatment of two subjects: the work of General Headquarters (GHQ) based at Montreuil-sur-Mer and the impact of shell shock on those who suffered and those in authority who had to deal with it. Frank Fox, whose G.H.Q. (Montreuil-sur-Mer) was first published in 1920, was severely wounded on the Somme, but […]

Rupert Edis on GHQ for “History Today”

Sir Frank Fox is a largely forgotten figure whose life reads like a character from a John Buchan novel. A “strikingly handsome” Australian émigré to England, who became a doyen of Fleet Street, as a war correspondent he witnessed German atrocities against Belgian civilians in 1914 which so appalled him that he signed up – lying about his age – at 41. Grievously injured at the Somme, he worked for a time at MI7, focused on bringing the USA into […]

The Times includes GHQ in their “Six of the best First World War reads”

Allan Mallinson from The Times reviewed new books on the wider aspects of the Great War. We were delighted that G.H.Q. was selected as one of the 6 books. The scan of the article is below and the link to the website here (summary only available to non-subscribers of The Times): Six of the best First World War reads You can also download the PDF of the article here: Six of the best First World War reads The hardback limited edition […]