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The King´s Pilgrimage

The King’s Pilgrimage By Sir Frank Fox An Account of King George V’s Visit to the War Graves in Belgium and France Republished to mark the Centenary of the 1918 Armistice. Publication date: 7 June 2018, Price: £20 A WWI commemorative reproduction of King George V's secret journey to the battlefields of Northern Europe to visit the war graves of the fallen. First printed in 1922, this volume is reproduced with the blessing of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, with…

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An insider´s view of G.H.Q. review by Professor Gary Sheffield

‘Gary Sheffield has established himself as one of the foremost authorities on the British Army of the First World War’ Professor Saul David, University of Buckingham ‘Gary Sheffield is one of Britain’s foremost historians of the First World War – insightful, original, and superbly informed’ Sir Max Hastings, military historian AN INSIDER’S VIEW OF GHQ- Review by Professor Gary Sheffield G.H.Q. (Montreuil-sur-Mer) by SIR FRANK FOX London: Beaumont Fox, 2015 216pp., hardback, many illustrations, foldout chart, ,ISBN 978-0-9928901-2-4 G.H.Q., first […]

Extracts from England by Sir Frank Fox, read by his great grandson

The aesthetic tree, the tree with nothing to do but just to be a tree and look pretty, is rare in most countries; but in England it is the commonplace. Nine out of ten strangers coming to England for the first time, and asked to speak of its appearance, will say something equivalent to “park-like.” England in truth looks like one great well-ordered park, under the charge of a skilful landscape gardener. The trees seem to grow with an eye […]

The RUSI Journal review essay including G.H.Q.

Excerpt from THE SOMME A CONTEST OF ENDURANCE, Review Essay by Jack Spence: So much for context. Two of the authors under review — Frank Fox and Taylor Downing — provide specialised treatment of two subjects: the work of General Headquarters (GHQ) based at Montreuil-sur-Mer and the impact of shell shock on those who suffered and those in authority who had to deal with it. Frank Fox, whose G.H.Q. (Montreuil-sur-Mer) was first published in 1920, was severely wounded on the Somme, but […]

Review “The King’s Pilgrimage” The Times, Tuesday, July 04, 1922

The Times, Tuesday, July 04, 1922; pg. 16; Issue 43074; col C Our War Graves In France. “The King’s Pilgrimage.”, A Fitting Record. OUR WAR GRAVES IN FRANCE “THE KING´S PILGRIMAGE” A FITTING RECORD. THE KING´S PILGRIMAGE. (Hodder and Stoughton. 2s. 6d. net.) The recent visit of the King to the War Cemeteries in France and Belgium- a visit understaken at his own desire- appealed strongly to the imagination of the people of the whole Empire. It has already been […]

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Sir Frank Fox

Sir Frank Fox was a journalist, author and campaigner who espoused the cause of warning of the dangers of a major War in Europe as early as 1909. "l was blown up by a salvo of shells in front of Le Sars. I refused to die on the battlefield. The gallant stretcher-bearers got me in. l spent the next year in hospital". Sir Frank Fox was born in Australia in 1874. He was a journalist, author and campaigner who espoused the cause of warning of the dangers of a major War in Europe as early as 1909. His views, and…

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