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Hunt for the missing Norman Lindsay equestrian portrait of Sir Frank Fox

Sir Frank Fox became close friends with Norman Lindsay, initially through The Bulletin, and they were constant companions. They shared a love of riding and Lindsay described Fox as an ‘Equine Exhibitionist’.  Most unusually Lindsay painted an equestrian subject – of Fox.  It has been a somewhat obsessive, life-long project of mine to locate the portrait.  My initial enquiries in Australia were met with distinct scepticism as to whether Norman Lindsay painted such a subject as it is so different […]

Times Obituary Sir Frank Fox

TIMES OBITUARY  9/3/1960 SIR FRANK FOX “THE MORNING POST” Sir Frank Fox, O.B.E., a well known and very popular figure in Fleet Street in the early part of the century, died on Thursday at the age of 85. He was a man of strikingly handsome appearance and of great enthusiasms. He had two great interests which surpassed all others: the British Empire and the Morning Post. He lived to see the British Empire of which he was intensely proud, blossom into […]

A Family Reminiscence

Dr Charles Goodson-Wickes.  April 2016 A FAMILY REMINISCENCE “I was blown up by a salvo shells in front of Le Sars.  I refused to die on the battlefield.The gallant stretcher-bearers got me in. I spent the next year in hospital.” It was thus that my Great Grandfather Sir Frank Fox, described his experiences in the quagmire of the Battle of the Somme, in 1916. It has yet to be explained what a 42 year old Australian-born Captain was doing at […]