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Breaker Morant – Bushman and Buccaneer: Harry Morant: His ‘Ventures and Verses

This is the earliest record of Breaker Morant´s exploits and reprinted for the first time since 1902. Written under the pseudonym of Frank Renar by Sir Frank Fox, it provides a vivid account of the Boer War with drawings by Norman Lindsay and contemporary photographs. “Fox was a great man, and concerning Morant I think of him not only as the launcher of an Australian legend but also its subtlest and most intelligent storyteller; he confounds Morant’s champions as well […]


What is this strange land called England; so small in size yet so powerful in influence? What makes her so unique, talented and persistent? First published in 1914 this wonderful book by Sir Frank Fox evokes the beauty of England and her customs. Fox’s prose is an eloquent reflection of the beauty he observes- as evidenced by his description of hedges: “The hedges, which take up a considerable fraction of English arable soil, help to the park-like appearance of the […]

G.H.Q. (Montreuil-sur-Mer)

Including "THE GAME BOOK" of unpublished statistics

This unique contemporary account of Haig’s GHQ gives a vivid insight into life in Montreuil-sur-Mer from 1916 onwards, and of the complexity of the planning the ultimate defeat of the German Army. The addition of the never generally published statistical summary of casualties, ammunition and supplies adds to the appreciation of Haig’s achievement.

The Agony of Belgium

The Invasion of Belgium in WW1; August-December 1914

“A harrowing account of the suffering that Belgium endured from the German invasion in 1914. Sir Frank Fox charts Belgium’s heroic stand, and the personal courage of King Albert I that inspired his Army.”
LORD ASTOR of HEVER – British Defence Minister